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CARGO TO INDIA FROM DUBAI, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and All Over uae

We are Professional Cargo Services Provider to India from Dubai. we are here to give you door to door Cargo services in Dubai and Sharjah to all over India. we offer best and reliable rate per kg from others and give special discount on high volume on cargo.

Currently are you searching for a secure cargo service to Asian Nation (India) from Dubai along with reliable support? In these days, In International trade cargo services play a vital role. Around the globe it has been a very rapid-growing business. Logistics is an essential key to competitive advantage. Its supply chain is successfully managed via managed switches. A private cargo service could also be a significant position.

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We are dealing Freight services depend on both domestic goods and international movement of goods by Air cargo and Sea cargo. We are guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers with cost-effective, reliable and on-time cargo services in Dubai.


Air cargo to india from dubai. we are here to give you door to door cargo services in dubai, sharjah to all over india. best price per kg the moving of goods or anything is through by air carriers. This is the best and fastest way to shipping. This is the best method suits you If you want a big or small cargo package.


Sea Freight or Sea Cargo, we are one of the services providers of Sea cargo in Dubai UAE. We offer comprehensive Sea Cargo services for Full and less than Container shipment on all main trade lane from United Arab Emirates across all continents.

Movers and Packers


Our Courier & Cargo is a full-fledged freight forwarding company in Dubai. We have the best expert and professional’s arrangement of packing and shipping of the cargos by our highly skilled packers and movers.



With the experienced logistics company, Our Courier & Cargo understand all the problems and challenges likely to be encountered in the present-day business scenarios. We are dealing a well secured warehouse space with advanced logistics solutions.


Our Cargo company is also an accredited and recognized customs clearance agency. As a recognized custom clearance agent, Our Company will update you with all the customs laws, rules, regulations and procedures from time to time.

Movers and Packers


We have best expert, professional and experienced team of packers. Making use of the most up-to-date industry packing ways and moving materials. our teams can pack your all commodities properly.

Cargo to USA From Dubai


Our most years of experience in the cargo company allowed us to create an extensive delivery network throughout India. We have main branches in India.

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DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE: We have offer of door to door services Dubai to India. There is no matter which place you want to send your goods. We have personal delivery network allows us to send your goods to your door step.

AFFORDABLE PRICES: We are dealing your goods in very competitive rates. We have. We assure you th the best rates than other cargo companies in UAE. Our affordable rates with top quality services.

FAST SHIPMENT: We move you fast and safe. We offer the fastest cargo services. Depending on your places, we can deliver your goods within 20 days by SEA cargo and within 2 or 3 days by air cargo

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Freight transport essentially offers a clear official document of whatever a forwarder is and does, why is doing. A freight forwarder cannot be a broker or may not be a commission agent but a carrier “indirect carrier of cargo”. At Ship waves we take all guardianship for the movement, transport of the proper direction and consignee, upon delivery take a receipt, gather the total fees legally due, pay valid complaints for loss or damage, and at last submit the reports. In each respect, we convey the business as a carrier in an adept and correct approach.


The overall slowness in socio economic disparities as well as trade dynamics demand cargo service of different types. It is particularly true in a third world nation like India. The predictive requirements of the consumer globe speed up growth. Railways, roads, sea, as well as air will be different sorts of cargo used in India as well as everyone has its own essential attributes. Usually in many of the cases, the cargo corporation would not own or operate on the carrier equipment. It transports the cargo or shipment to or obliging a billed direction within an appointed time. Furthermore, the unit cost of the cargo simply depends on various potentials as the size of the shipment, the medium, amount, as well as the sort of goods. In the overall case of Ship waves, for overall customers you are going to be finding a singular experience on their trade goods to India.

Looking for best and cheap cargo to india from dubai. we are here to give you door to door cargo services in dubai, sharjah to all over india. best price per kg. Logistics and provide chain hugely rely on it as well as sprouting up of cargo service providers are proof. All sorts of cargo services are completed in a correct fashion as well as with the tie-up associations attaining the destination is an opus of a cake.

We all a licensed as well as well qualified cargo supplier which takes out the freight and complete on time. For geographic boundaries there is not any excuse. As a sender, you my select the most appropriate freight approach and entrust the rest of the things to us. Ship waves specializes In freight and cargo services of whole sorts includes road, rail, sea or airport. It is your amount as well as situations that resolve the choice. And we will be able to work in a united manner in order to present time-bound shipments from India and vice versa. Cargo to India from Dubai is definitely an possible transportation thoroughfare.

Employing Ship waves cargo services, you get the subsequent advantages:


Time stricken delivery across India and abroad

Quality shipping

Flexibility to find the best route in catastrophe

Fast-paced coordination

Hassle-free quality services in most comprehensive way

In regards to Cargo rates per kg from Dubai to India, our customer care executive will also support you anywhere you are. In addition, in terms going from Door to Door Cargo Dubai to India value will also inform you on the best possible. Mostly through phone connection or through email update. No formalities on Cargo services from Dubai to India along with Ship waves. Even our group is usually there for each sorts of under structure for a hassle-free service.

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